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Manual Link Building Are An Expert UK Search Engine Optimisation Company

SEO / Search Engine OptimisationManual Link Building are experts in SEO and Link Building strategies; you already know this, because you probably found us through an organic search! It is the only advertising we do.

We only market ourselves via organic SEO, using techniques we use for our own clients.

In this industry, the proof is most definitely in the pudding – If the SEO company you are currently with are not ranking, how can you expect them to help you?

No Contract SEO

Always beware the salesman who wishes to tie you into long term contracts. Manual Link Building are believers that our SEO and Link Building work is reason enough for you to stay working with us: If your business is not making you profits and generating enquiries, how can you pay us!!

We will not tie you down or make you sign a contract. All of our link building packages run on a month-by-month basis as we have confidence in the products that we sell.

It is your business and your money – You should be the one to decide what you spend it on!


What is SEO?

SEO is both an art and a science. It is not smoke, mirrors and other devious techniques – this is just what bad SEO’s want you to think. SEO is all about making your online presence as positive as possible and driving highly targeted traffic to your website. This is done by sending the right signals to both search engines and real users.

SEO as a Science

Search Engines are based on mathematical algorithms that return results based on the relevancy of the sites in its index to the search query made.
Our SEO works to ensure that your site is as relevant to the search queries related to your business as possible; this is where we optimise your website for search engine bots and spiders.

Manual Link Building always work with the best long term interests of your site in mind. We will never do anything that may get you penalised or even worse, de–indexed from Search Engines.

There are between 200 and 1000 different factors (dependent on the source) that search engines consider when calculating the results to display. Our SEO works to ensure your site takes as many of these factors into account as possible.

SEO as an Art

The Art Of SEOThe art of SEO is encouraging users to click your link instead of the competition: which can be up to 20 other site results per page, all relevant to the users search query.

Once users have arrived, the journey has begun. What do they do now? – What pages do they view? – What pages do they exit from?

There are an infinite number of questions that can be asked about the way traffic interacts with your website. As your SEO partner, Manual Link Building will work with you to learn about your business processes and internal requirements. We will learn what you want website traffic to do and implement techniques to monitor and achieve this.

Through creative thinking and placing the user experience at the forefront of the journey, Manual Link Building can improve your website conversion rates and ensure that the traffic we have fought so hard to get you, converts into sales and enquiries.

Why Your Business Needs SEO

SEO - Increase Targeted TrafficIf you have a web based business, be it a 100% internet based ecommerce store, or a portfolio website built to compliment your main offline marketing and advertising efforts, your website needs traffic.

The best type of traffic is organic search traffic.

Organic search traffic through SEO puts your website in front of your potential customers at the point they are actively looking for your products and services.

Manual Link Building will drive highly targeted traffic to your website by placing your website in the right place at the right timem, as potential customers are searching out your products or services.

When we talk about SEO in the UK we concentrate on the Google search engine. In Europe and most of the world, Google has approximately 90% market share of the search market; although we consider others (Yahoo, Bing etc) we mainly concentrate our SEO efforts on Google.

Read our blog post for more ‘Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO’.

SEO From The Experts

Manual Link Building use several tools to optimise client websites for search engine queries.
  • We set up Google Analytics to track where website traffic is coming from and tosee what that traffic is doing when visiting your website. Configuring goals means that we can analyse exactly where website conversions have come from.
  • We use Google Webmaster Tools to analyse how Google is viewing your site and ensure we are ticking the boxes that will help your website rank for relevant search queries.
  • We install XML sitemaps to keep the search engines up to date with any additional and new content added to your website. We will also optimise the  meta title and description tags, to ensure keyword association is occurring.
  • We also optimise and rewrite all on page content and copy, where neccessary. Manual Link Buildng provide professional SEO copywriting services, so you can be assured that your company message will not be lost in a spammy, keyword stuffed page copy.
  • If required, we can also formulate a link building strategy for you: You can find more information on our monthly link building packages here.

Contact Manual Link Building today to discuss how our effective and ethical SEO services can help your website. Also, please read on for more information.


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Why You Should Use Manual Link Building For Your SEO

Manual Link Building offer an honest and transparent approach to SEO and our processes are designed to keep you informed every step of the way. We offer outstanding customer support, always strive to answer your questions using language that you understand and will always act with your company’s best interest at heart.

An SEO campaign in a competitive niche can take over 12 months to see true results; Manual Link Building believe that by being honest and approachable, we do not need to tie customers into long term contracts. We also will not claim to have done something if we haven’t.

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