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Keyword Research

Maybe you’ve been thinking that ‘life coach’ is the term you should use, because well, you’re a life coach, right?


A mistake people make all the time is thinking that they know what people are looking for, when in reality only thorough keyword research can uncover this for you.

What if we could discover that there is far less competition for the term ‘life coaching’? You’d get a lot more potential clients visiting your site if you would optimise your SEO for the latter keyword. If only you had known…

What Is Keyword Research?

In short, keyword research is figuring out which keywords people use to find your site compared to the amount of competition for those keywords.

Keyword research requires very careful analysis of search traffic volume and keyword competition – something our team does amazingly well.

Why You Should Do Keyword Research

By researching keywords and competition, you’ll be able to decide on specific keywords that bring targeted traffic to your site. That means: people who are ready to buy from you, because they’re looking for you.

Keyword Research shows you what people are actually searching. It enables you to identify niche phrases that get highly targeted traffic and you’d be surprised by the opportunities you can discover with some good Keyword Research.

If you’ve been wondering why your traffic volume is good but conversions are low, there’s a good chance it’s down in part to a lack of thorough keyword research. Well, we are here to help.

Let us find out which keywords will bring you the most targeted traffic – and convert to clients!

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Long Tail vs Short Tail Keyword Research

long tail

The difference here is between keywords that will quickly push up your ranking in the search results (short tail) and those that gather momentum over time (long tail).

The type of business you are running is the deciding factor in which type of keywords to go for.

Once our team gets working on your Keyword Research, we’ll discuss which options will work best for your company. For example, you could tier your keyword phrases:

  • Broad Target (long tail keywords)

Specific product or service. Rank higher fast in search results at a lower budget, but ranking is more influenced by competition.

Example: ‘Low Cost Tax Accountants’ or ‘Samsung 32” LED TV’.

In most cases, your best bet is a mix of both broad and niche keywords, and we are the ones who can tell you exactly which mix of keywords is going to bring you the best results.

  • Niche Target (short tail keywords)

Generic industry term or generic disciple: There is a higher upfront cost, but eventually you’ll see large volumes of traffic.

Example keyword: ‘Accountants’ or ‘LED TV’.

How Do You Do Keyword Research?

There are many options out there if you want to go it alone: Google Keywords tool is a very popular free option but there are many others as well.

However, unless you really know what you’re doing, you’re very likely to end up spending lots of time, getting confused or making the wrong decisions; everyone has his own speciality for a good reason.

You wouldn’t want to spend days trying to repair a leaking roof, would you? You’d hire a roofing expert and get it done properly.

That is pretty much what our team does. We don’t repair roofs but our keyword research gives you exactly the information you need to choose the keywords that will grow your business.

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